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Blankety Blanks is an Australian game show based on the American game show Match Game. It was hosted by Graham Kennedy on Network Ten from 1977–1978.
Panelists were Ugly Dave Gray, Jon English, Noeline Brown, Carol Raye, Stuart Wagstaff, Kate Fitzpatrick, Noel Ferrier, Dawn Lake, Barry Creyton, Mark Holden, John Paul Young, Belinda Giblin, Abigail, Nick Tate, Tommy Hanlon Junior, Wendy Blacklock, Peta Toppano, and Delvene Delaney.
Blankety Blanks had a two-season run from 1977 to 1978. It was screened at a rate of five, thirty-minute episodes each week, stripped across an early evening timeslot. In Sydney and Melbourne, it was broadcast in the 7pm timeslot across both seasons. It was a ratings success, beating the flagship current affairs programs Willesee At Seven on the Seven Network and A Current Affair on the Nine Network, and on occasions achieving ratings in the low 40s. It was only after this ratings success that Network Ten revealed Kennedy was paid an unprecedented $1 million per season.
In 1978, Kennedy won a TV Week Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. When Kennedy had a bout with pneumonia, announcer Don Blake was forced to host the show for an episode.

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