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GameGO! was an ambitious, but short-lived, video game magazine. Conceived by Eric C. Mylonas and Thomas Keller, and staffed by former GameFan editors, it not only intended to follow in the footsteps of the then-defunct GameFan Magazine, but focus even deeper into the hardcore gaming market. The magazine’s coverage tended to eschew more well-known, mainstream games in favor of providing better exposure to obscure, niche, and import games.
Only one issue was ever published. It was distributed in June 2001, available at EB Games and various specialty stores across the United States, and was mailed to paid subscribers. A second issue was completed, but there was not enough funding available to go ahead with printing. The fate of the magazine was up in the air for an extended period, but during that time, a strongly dedicated online community thrived. However, operations were ultimately shut down in 2002 after failing to find a way to bring the print magazine back to life.
The second issue was distributed in PDF format to anyone who asked for it. It can still be found on the Internet.

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