how to tie a tie video

Tie Ning (simplified Chinese: 铁凝; traditional Chinese: 鐵凝; pinyin: Tiě Níng; Wade–Giles: T’ieh Ning; born September 1957) is a Chinese author based in Beijing, China. She has, since 2006, been the president of the China Writers Association and is a member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Her works include short stories, “Ah, Xiangxue” (Chinese: 哦,香雪), The Red Shirt Without Buttons (Chinese: 沒有紐扣的紅襯衫), “June’s Big Topic” (Chinese: 六月的話題), Wheat Straw Stack (Chinese: 麥秸垛), Cotton Stack (Chinese: 棉花垛), “The Village Road Takes Me Home”, Rose Door (Chinese: 玫瑰門), “How Long is Forever” (Chinese: 永遠有多遠) and Da Yu Nü (Chinese: 大浴女) (Big-Bath Woman).

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