Logos Quiz Game Introduction

Logos Quiz has become so popular mobile game app as there are more than 20 different versions are now available on play store for android as well as App store for iPhone. The game is simple and ask you to identify the Logos of different brands from through out the world. The brands are so easy to recognize but we never reminds them as such. The game picks up random logos and you have to spell it correctly to clear the level. Check our site to clear the level easily. Just match the correct logo in different levels.

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The first ever Logo Quiz game

The first ever Logos Quize game is developed by Javier Perez Estarriaga. This is quiz game consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. To achieve this you have a lot of clues which you can use to help you complete the game. With more than 500 logos its fun to challenge your friends to identify them and check who scores the highest. In our review, its very easy and simple to play.

What is the game Logic

You must answer by guessing the name of the logo shown correctly and in the quickest time possible. Be careful not to miss out any letters or type a shortened version of the answer as Logo Quiz will mark that as wrong and you will lose points. You can use stars as a solution to unlock the answer, however these are limited. Hints can also help but again are limited. There is the option to purchase more stars and hints, however with 642 logos to guess in total this could get expensive. You make your way through the levels, unable to proceed to the next level until all or a certain number of logos on your current level have been answered correctly. With each level the logos become harder to guess, with easy logos such as McDonalds and Nike in Level 1 and lesser know logos in level 9 such as Capcom and Guerlain. This creates a continual challenge and makes the game more fun and addictive to play, especially when you recognise the logo but just can't remember the answer!

Number of Levels in Original game

There are currently 9 levels in the Logo Quiz Game for iPhone. The game is specially designed for iOS platform devices and is compatible with iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads. To start you logo challenge you can download the game through iTunes for free. Game Center can be used with this game, and the more answers you get right, and the quicker you answer, the higher your score will be. GameCcenter allows you to showoff to your friends how many points you have and what a genius logo guesser you are! Android versions have up to 20 levels and all can be downloaded from the Google Play store on your device. The quizzes are compatible with both Android phones and tablets. We cater to those with the free versions. For all the answers to the iPhone Logo Quiz Game and the most popular Logo Quizes on Android devices have a look through this site, you�re sure to find all the answers and solutions you need! We are the best and most up-to-date Logo Quiz cheat site around! All Logos Quiz solutions and walkthroughs is right here, it's your one stop shop for all logos quiz answers! Just choose the level you need from the menu or visit the Android page for a choice of Logo Quiz answers from various versions available on Android devices. You searched for terms logo quiz, logos quiz answers, logos quiz, logo quiz cheats, company logos, logo game, logo game answers, answers to logo quiz, android logo, company logo quiz answers. Thanks CMMS for providing details.